Support for Python 3.10, new issues and Autofix for Python
The Python Analyzer now has complete Python 3.10 support. It now detects 7 new issues and can Autofix 14 more issues. Adding to that, many issue descriptions have been improved to explain the issues clearly with better examples.
Read the full changelog here.
Better repository sync, improved changelog, and more
Improved repository sync for GitLab
Due to the way GitLab's APIs work, our integration doesn't automatically sync new repositories to DeepSource. It is now easier to sync all your repositories while choosing to activate DeepSource on a new repository. You'd see a new "Sync repositories" button for GitLab.
Improved changelogs section
We now use Canny for publishing our changelog and it is directly integrated into the DeepSource dashboard. Keep track of all the exciting features and updates straight from your sidebar.
Other improvements and fixes
  • Look up an issue in the Directory from the
    Ignored rules
    tab on your repository settings.
  • Fixed the Go import root field in the Auto Onboard page.
  • Improvements to load the Billing Page more gracefully.
Listen for events on DeepSource with webhooks
While we could push a changelog with “Bug fixes and improvements” it doesn't row our boat. So, we let the webhooks out.
Teams, both large and small, expect programmatic access to their data. This enables them to tightly integrate DeepSource into their development life cycle. Webhooks are available to all teams as a beta feature. At the moment, you can subscribe to a single event that is triggered every time an analysis is updated.
For more details, check our docs and release notes.
Java Analyzer: 2.5X faster analyses, new issues and false-positives fixes
We have a new back-end for the Java Analyzer that increases the speed of analyses by over 2.5 times. We added a number of new issues, including an assortment of security issues along with the fixes for several false -positives that were reported to us. Read more about this release here.
Terraform Analyzer: 10 new GCP issues
We have added 10 new security issues for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) configuration in the Terraform Analyzer to help you decrease the surface of attack and avoid costly mistakes. Take a look at the list of currently supported issues here.
Go Analyzer: Improved Autofix and added 2 new Autofixes
We've made improvements to the Autofix that would lead to fewer failures and improved running time. We've also added two new Autofixes. Read more about it here.
Introducing AutoOnboard
AutoOnboard is a superfast way to activate analysis on multiple repositories simultaneously, using project-specific configuration templates built by your team. DeepSource will automatically create pull requests to your repositories with the
file. Once the PRs are merged, analysis will be automatically activated on the repository. How cool is that 🤩
For more details, read the release post on our community forum
Python Analyzer: Added 1 new issue and 9 more Autofixes
The Python Analyzer can now detect irreversible migrations in your Django project. Additionally, it can now Autofix 9 more issues. We have also added fix for multiple false-positives that were reported to us.
Read more about it here.
Product Updates: Star your favourite repositories
Some fantastic updates for you this release. You can now star your favourite repositories for quick access. We've revamped the sidebar for cleaner animations, a better space efficient layout. Fix a bug breaking team member invitation flow for a repository and more under the hood improvements. Read the full change log here
Python Analyzer: added 1 more Autofix for a Security Issue and made other improvements
We've added 1 new Autofix for a Security Issue and improved issue descriptions for bug-risks and security categories with more context. We also improved the existing Autofixes and resolved the false positives that were reported! Read the full changelog here.
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